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Tint Academy Terms of Use and Privacy Policy are incorporated by reference into this Cancellation, Return and Seminar Transfer Policy (“Policy”). The Tint Academy may revise this Policy at any time for any reason and such revisions will be posted here and accessible at Revisions and/or additions to this Policy shall become effective and binding on you when you register for seminar(s) or purchase product(s) on or after the effective date of such revisions/additions.

PLEASE DO NOT MAKE TRAVEL ARRANGEMENTS FOR YOUR ART SEMINAR UNTIL YOU RECEIVE CONFIRMATION OF SEMINAR REGISTRATION. TINT ACADEMY expressly disclaims any and all liability arising from or related to your travel to or from a Tint Academy Seminar or Course.

Please make sure you fully intend to attend and complete a seminar/course prior to completing enrolment and registration. Seminar refund requests must be initiated with TINT ACADEMY more than 30-days from the date of the course for any refund of registration fees. For refund requests initiated within 30-days from the date of the course, TINT ACADEMY will refund seventy-five percent (75%) of registration fees paid, subject to additional deduction for returned materials fees, if applicable, as specified further below. 

NOTE: Special allocation to be made on a per case basis, on the discretion of the Tint Academy Team. No refunds will be allowed unless special circumstances {death, injury, or accident}

No seminar refunds will be issued once twenty-five percent (25%) of electronic curriculum materials for the seminar are accessed via TINT ACADEMY GOOGLE DRIVE. If you are beyond 30-days from the date of purchase or have accessed more than twenty-five percent (25%) of the curriculum materials electronically, you may transfer your seminar registration fees to a different seminar, as explained in Section below.

Refund requests initiated within 1-15 Days prior of the seminar/course start date incur an additional $150 late cancellation fee. For seminars that include hardcopy curriculum materials, providers requesting a refund must also return the materials to TINT ACADEMY before a refund will be issued. Due to the personalized nature of hardcopy curriculum materials, an additional $295 returned materials fee will be deducted from refund amounts for seminars that include hardcopy materials. All returns must be cleared through the Tint Academy Office, and a completed Returned Materials Declaration must accompany any returned hardcopy curriculum materials.

Refunds will typically be applied to the purchasing credit or debit card or otherwise by original form of payment, though Tint Academy reserves the right to issue refunds by check, EFT, or wire transfer, in its sole discretion. Once a seminar begins, no refunds, transfers, or cancellations will be considered, regardless of date of purchase.


Tint Academy Requires minimum 1-week notice if can't attend seminar 

DEPOSITS for Course/Seminar

Deposits are non-refundable. The Tint Academy typically reaches maximum capacity for our courses and requires a deposit or full payment prior t to course {if spots are available}. Deposits are non-refundable, but can be transferred to a future course date with an additional $50 Fee.

Once deposit or full payment made for the course, registrant will receive a Welcome email which contains course materials. marketing package, support group, and books. Materials will be shipped to the registrant or will be picked up the day of the seminar. 

NOTE: Kits and Tint Rolls will be available the day of the course if registration is within 6 weeks of course date.


You may apply or transfer all amounts paid for a seminar to the same seminar within 12 months from the initial date of purchase. (By “same” seminar, we mean the identical seminar covered by the initial registration, though it may be held at a different date and/or location. For example, if you initially registered for Tint, the only “same” seminar is Tint.) You may also apply or transfer all amounts paid for a seminar to a different seminar, or put those amounts on hold as a credit with TINT ACADEMY to apply toward future seminar(s), for a period of 12 months from the initial date of purchase. (By “different” seminar, we mean a seminar with a different title from the seminar covered by the initial registration. If you initially registered for Tint Course any other Tint Academy Seminar is a “different” seminar.)

If you choose to apply amounts paid to a different seminar, you must return hardcopy curriculum materials for the unattended seminar, if any, to, Tint Academy together with a completed Returned Materials Declaration. Any remaining credit resulting from application of funds will remain on hold for your use within 12 months of the initial purchase date. Refunds will not be issued for any credit remaining after application of funds. If the fees for the seminar to which you are transferring exceed the amount of credit on hold with TINT ACADEMY, the difference must be remitted to the Tint Academy by you during completion of your registration.

If your seminar must be postponed for any reason, your registration will automatically be transferred to the rescheduled dates for the same seminar in the same city, when possible. When not possible to timely transfer your registration to rescheduled dates, or in the event of seminar cancellation, registration funds will be placed on hold as a credit and may be used for another seminar held within 18 months of the initial purchase date, subject to the above terms and conditions for application or transfer of funds. Refunds will only be issued within 30 days of the initial purchase date, as described in Section I above.

TINT ACADEMY expressly reserves the right to refuse refunds or application of funds on hold to individuals abusing the TINT ACADEMY refund policy for the purpose of exploitation of TINT ACADEMY intellectual property or for any other reason, as determined by TINT ACADEMY in its sole discretion.

Refunds: Please allow refunds to take 30-45 days for completion. Once the time it is approved. Please email for all refund and/or course transfer request. 

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